Hi! I’m Tessa Sophia

It is my heart’s calling to assist women back in touch with their true self and their instinctual nature so they can live a more empowered, joyful, and deeply connected life.

I offer private sessions in Sacred Mirroring and Energy Healing and facilitate creative workshops where we ground our unique essence and the wisdom of our bodies through movement, art, and authentic relating.


In Devotion to Her - Community

“Working with Tessa has brought in many miracles into my life. With her assistance, I’ve managed to let go of a lot of old burdens and freed myself from many vicious cycles that previously plagued me for years. As a result, I now feel more connected to my truth and I am able to embody more of my power. Throughout our time together, my physical body has also released a lot of tension causing me to finally feel more relaxed and comfortable in my skin. Words don’t do justice in expressing the gratitude I feel for the transformation that I’ve experienced.”
— Marja
“Tessa works with extreme precision and with a very refined energy. The work on my womb opened up an entire new cosmic dimension to me – a place where my traumas, sexual frustration, grief, and hurt from this and past lifetimes could be brought into the light and be released. All women should receive this treatment so that their creativity and beauty can flow through their bodies and true healing can take place.”
— Laura, Laughter Yoga Teacher & Energy Healer