Read what others are saying about Tessa's work

“Tessa's healing work is something else. She embodies the feminine in the most light, loving and gracious way I’ve ever witnessed. Her mere presence generates a feeling of weight being lifted off of your shoulders, a sense of being accepted in the totality of your being.

It is through this acceptance that she creates a healing space of incredible depth, safety and wisdom, allowing you to go places within that you wouldn’t imagine, know or dare to venture in. It is there that over and over again I’ve discovered deep transformation, unlocking and finding relief for patterns it would have taken me years to realise and work through on my own - around belonging, feeling loved, feeling supported and creating from my core.

I’d highly recommend Tessa to anyone who’s ready to take a major step towards their higher selves in the most loving and beautifully held space you can imagine.”

– Zornitsa, Soul Coach

“Working with Tessa has brought in many miracles into my life. With her assistance, I’ve managed to let go of A LOT of old burdens and freed myself from many vicious cycles that previously plagued me for years. As a result, I now feel more connected to my truth and I am able to embody more of my power. Throughout our time together, my physical body has also released a lot of tension causing me to finally feel more relaxed and comfortable in my skin. Words don’t do justice in expressing the gratitude I feel for the transformation that I’ve experienced."

– Marja

  “Tessa works with extreme precision and with a very refined energy. The work on my womb opened up an entire new cosmic dimension to me – a place where my traumas, sexual frustration, grief, and hurt from this and past lifetimes could be brought into the light and be released. All women should receive this treatment so that their creativity and beauty can flow through their bodies and true healing can take place.”

– Laura, Laughter Yoga Teacher & Energy Healer

“Tessa creates and holds beautiful, safe and sacred space for deep healing to take place. I received the session lying on soft moss in the woods. It was one of my strongest healing experiences. With precise perception and guidance, Tessa engaged my mind to take part in the healing process. Throughout the session I felt many waves of emotions, sadness, rage and laughter and I let go of old patterns and limiting beliefs that were no longer serving me. Afterwards I felt fully transformed, accepted and supported by life and the light within me.”

– Marika, Cranio Sacral Therapist

“Tessa’s empowering remote healing is amazing! Her gentle voice and energy travel well through the headphones making it easy to relax during the session. The energy gracefully removes blockages in the mind and body, while simultaneously assisting in the integration of new life-force, light, and wisdom. Tessa’s healing truly takes one to a new level of being and it just feels so good! I definitely recommend trying these sessions during a business trip or a vacation. The fact that the remote sessions are accessible regardless of your location makes it so easy!” 

– Tiia, Marketing Entrepreneur & Interior Designer

  “Tessa is a powerful healer and a special, wise soul with a unique capacity to point out the aspects in you that are asking for attention, healing and shifting. After her sessions I have experienced many positive changes in my life, and I am also very grateful for the tools she has given me to continue the work on my own. She works very honestly with a big, open heart, sharp intellect and a grounded presence. Each session with her has given me a special sense of trust, alignment and empowerment. Thank you Tessa, you are a gift. ”

– Annukka, Yoga Teacher & Professional Dancer

“After my session with Tessa, I felt new and whole. In her safe and loving presence I could let go of old and even painful memories and emotions. As a result, my entire being, mind and my body, felt fully transformed. The session was followed by tangible changes in my life: I let go of old things and patterns that no longer served me and instead embraced the new opportunities that resonated better with my authentic Self. As I left our session, I could finally hear my Self again, the voice that I had missed for so long.”

– Tiina, Media Entrepreneur, Journalist & Physical Education Instructor

  “I set the intention for our sessions to help me clear an itching eczema that had bothered me for many years. Now a month after receiving two sessions, I can truly say that my frenzy to scratch my skin is really gone. My skin feels a lot better and it’s easier for me to be in my body. I am very grateful for the treatment I received and I will turn to Tessa in the future when challenging situations arise.”

– Mariel, Family Constellation Facilitator

“Wow how amazing my energy has been after our last session! I feel reborn. I feel like the long-held imbalance between my masculine & feminine energies found its resolution. Now, these aspects are working together in greater harmony making me feel more unified within. Even my friends were stunned by the shift. The new energy is so soft and allowing, no more forcing. As a result, the tension in my tummy has completely let go. I can’t thank you enough Tessa! I highly recommend your sessions to anyone looking to deepen their connectedness and find more flow in life!”

– Kati, CEO & Business Coach