The purpose of these sessions is to assist you in returning into alignment with your heart, re-claim your energetic sovereignty, and embody more of your true essence.

We begin with a conversation and co-create a safe space that invites you into a deeper state of receptivity where energy can travel through your body with greater ease. 

I use my intuition to scan through your energetic, mental, and emotional bodies inviting dissolution into any areas of tension and distortion.

Throughout the session, I hold an unwavering awareness of your true Self, your natural wholeness, which allows the innate intelligence of your being to evoke: 

  • Healing and integration of core-wounds that may have previously maintained a sense of disembodiment and disconnection

  • Clearing of entanglements and energetic debris in your energy centers and organs

  • Re-integration of fragmented aspects of your consciousness

  • Re-programming of beliefs to turn your mind into a greater ally of your heart

Sessions may include dialogue, heart-womb inquiry, light-activations, soul coaching, and various forms of authentic expression as guided in the now moment.

Clients tend to leave the space feeling more relaxed, embodied, and clear and with a greater sense of confidence and trust to live the life they came here for.


Common benefits of the work

  • Activation of self-healing abilities & multi-dimensional gifts

  • Enhanced inner-guidance and a stronger sense of clarity and confidence to act on it

  • A deeper connection to the deep feminine wisdom of the womb

  • An increased capacity to be compassionate towards oneself and others

  • Re-awakening of creativity and sensuality

  • Improvements in physical health as life-force energy, Qi, can flow more freely through the body

  • A more relaxed nervous system and reduction in stress levels

  • Resolution of conflict in relationships

  • A deeper sense of presence and being at home in one’s body and here on Earth

“After my session with Tessa, I felt new and whole. In her safe and loving presence I could let go of old and even painful memories and emotions. As a result, my entire being, mind and my body, felt fully transformed. The session was followed by tangible changes in my life: I let go of old things and patterns that no longer served me and instead embraced the new opportunities that resonated better with my authentic Self. As I left our session, I could finally hear my Self again, the voice that I had missed for so long.”

– Tiina, Media Entrepreneur, Journalist & Physical Education Instructor