The purpose of these sessions is to assist you in returning into alignment with your heart, your body and your inner-knowing.

We begin with a conversation as I want to hear how you’re feeling and doing and what change and healing you are intending to experience.

Together we co-create a safe space where you get to relax deeper into your body gently guided by my voice.

I follow the subtle messages of your body and assist energy to move through the mental, emotional, physical, and energetic dimensions of your being inviting presence, release and dissolution into any areas of tension.

Throughout the session, I will hold an unwavering awareness of your true Self, your natural wholeness, which allows the innate intelligence of your being to evoke:

  • Gentle healing and integration of emotional wounding that has previously maintained a sense of disembodiment and disconnection

  • Clearing of entanglements and energetic debris in your energy centers and organs

  • Reintegration of fragmented aspects of your consciousness, so more of your presence can anchor through your body helping you feel more unified within

Sessions may include dialogue, womb inquiry, inner-child healing, soul coaching, and various forms of authentic expression as guided in the now moment.

Clients tend to leave the space feeling more relaxed, embodied, connected and clear and with a greater sense of trust and readiness to live the life they authentically desire.


Common benefits of the work

  • Enhanced inner-guidance and a stronger sense of clarity and confidence to act on it

  • A deeper connection and access to the wisdom and guidance of the heart-womb

  • An increased capacity to be compassionate towards oneself and others

  • Re-awakening of creativity and sensuality

  • Improvements in physical health as life-force energy, Qi, can flow more freely through the body

  • A more relaxed nervous system and reduction in stress levels resulting in an improved quality of sleep

  • Resolution of conflict in personal and professional relationships

  • A deeper sense of presence and being at home in one’s body and here on Earth

“After my session with Tessa, I felt new and whole. In her safe and loving presence I could let go of old and even painful memories and emotions. As a result, my entire being, mind and my body, felt fully transformed. The session was followed by tangible changes in my life: I let go of old things and patterns that no longer served me and instead embraced the new opportunities that resonated better with my authentic Self. As I left our session, I could finally hear my Self again, the voice that I had missed for so long.”

– Tiina, Media Entrepreneur, Journalist & Physical Education Instructor