“As I left our session, I could finally hear my Self again, the voice that I had missed for so long.”

– Tiina

Our world is changing rapidly. Old structures are crumbling within and around us while we are being called to re-birth ourselves and co-create a new paradigm for humanity.

Navigating these changing tides can be both challenging and overwhelming when out of tune with our inner-guidance and instinctual knowing. 

As highly sensitive beings it can be easy to get lost in the collective current and allow external influences to lure us off our true path. Seeking answers in the mind and in the external often only results in greater confusion and complexity. The questions are endless. 

  • What am I called to do here?

  • Are my actions in alignment with my purpose?

  • Is this really nourishing me and serving the greater good?

  • Is it safe to let go?

The mind can justify any choice while the heart simply knows.

Sacred Mirroring sessions are an invitation back to simplicity, to your deepest knowing that arises from your most sacred of places, your heart and your womb.

In these sessions, I will hold space for you to tune into the deeper current of your being that exists beyond the static of the mental fields.

To clear the pathway to your inner-knowing, we will shed light into areas of resistance, fear and false beliefs that’ve previously kept you from feeling and honoring your intuition.

Through dialogue, listening, sensing and intuitive energy healing I will support you to relax deeper into your body and into your heart where you can feel and hear your own Divine guidance.

As your Sacred Mirror, I am committed to hold an unwavering awareness of the truth of who you are, an infinite being, a radiant spark of God who is whole within herself. This creates a space where the innate intelligence of your being can come forth and show you the way.

It would be an honor to witness your sacred unfoldment.



What is the difference between Intuitive Energy Healing & Sacred Mirroring sessions?

During an intuitive energy healing session the client is invited to enter a state of deep receptivity and relaxation while the Divine intelligence works through energy field to release any tension and limitation held in any of the subtle bodies. Session length is 60 minutes.

Sacred Mirroring sessions invite the client to actively participate in a journey of discovery. These sessions are more interactive and encourage the client to explore various ways of connecting to their bodily wisdom and inner-knowing. Although energy healing may be one of the modalities used during the session, the main focus of the session is to create a stronger pathway to the guidance that arises from the body and soul. Session length is 30minutes.