27/04/19 Returning home to the Heart-Womb


27/04/19 Returning home to the Heart-Womb


An invitation to come home to your Self and awaken the divine wisdom that resides in your most sacred of places, in your heart and your womb.

This call serves as an opportunity to take a break from the business of our day to day lives and enter a space of deep connection where you get to relax, soften and open up to receive more of the essence of who you truly are.

The event is by donation

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We will set the intention for the energies to assist us in re-connecting with our truth and with our holy desire and guidance that reside in our heart-womb.

As we dive deeper into our psyche and the treasure chest of our body, we will meet and honor that which has previously been denied. Old stories of separation, wounding and collective trauma that is ready to be released can be safely welcomed and dissolved in the presence of Her, pure heart-centered awareness.

Our journey will take shape as a guided meditation including energy healing, breath, sound, and self-inquiry. 

If this invitation resonates, please join us as we gather and open up to receive the gifts of the Mother.

The event is by donation. All blessings are gratefully received.


You may want to grab a journal with you if you wish to take notes during the inquiry practices. It is recommended to wear comfortable clothes, ones that do not constrict you around the waist. You may also want to prepare your space by lighting a candle and making it into a sanctuary that supports you on your journey.

Before you choose to attend

Know that the deep nature of the work may bring up emotional material to be looked at, felt and embraced. The journey to the heart-womb is a journey of allowing all feelings and sensations that arise from the memory of our body and includes facing and integrating our shadows. The process does not have to be one of suffering. Our healing can be graceful if we choose to allow in the divine support that is always available for us.