Intuitive Energy Healing
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Intuitive Energy Healing (60min) - 150 €

Sacred Mirroring (30min) - 75 €

Half & Half (30min Sacred Mirroring + 30min Energy Healing) - 150 €

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NOTE: All sessions are held over WhatsApp Call. Please download the application in advance.

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What is the difference between Intuitive Energy Healing & Sacred Mirroring sessions?

During an intuitive energy healing session the client is invited to enter a state of deep receptivity and relaxation while the Divine intelligence works through energy field to release any tension and limitation held in any of the subtle bodies. Session length is 60 minutes.

Sacred Mirroring sessions invite the client to actively participate in a journey of discovery. These sessions are more interactive and encourage the client to explore various ways of connecting to their bodily wisdom and inner-knowing. Although energy healing may be one of the modalities used during the session, the main focus of the session is to create a stronger pathway to the guidance that arises from the body and soul. Session length is 30 or 60 minutes.