Monthly Heart-Womb circle

An invitation to gather in sacred sisterhood to remember and awaken the divine wisdom that resides in our most precious of places, in our heart and our womb.

These group calls serve as an opportunity to take a pause from the demands of our day to day lives and enter a space of deep receptivity, connection, and relaxation.

From this place, we can better hear the silent whispers of our hearts and our wombs guiding us to stay aligned with the path that feels most true to us.

monthly gathering.png

Each gathering will include a segment of energy healing intended to support us in the dissolution of old limitations and assist us in the integration of the most recent energetic upgrades.

Before turning our gaze inwards, we will open the space for sharing. If you feel called to, you are welcome to share with us what is currently on your heart and what intentions you’d like to set for your personal journey.

We will end our time together with a guided practice of deep and honest self-inquiry during which we will receive Divine guidance on how to proceed with our unique sacred purpose in a way that keeps us feeling nourished.

Voluntary monthly sister mirroring

During each gathering you will have the opportunity to partner up with a sister for the coming month. You will agree to get together once over Skype or Zoom during the month to share, reflect and mirror each other on how your journey is unfolding and how the intentions you set during our group call are integrating and manifesting in your life.

This is a divine opportunity to practice heart-speaking and -listening, holding space and being held space for. The insights that come through when sisters gather soul to soul are nothing short of miraculous.

Material including writing prompts, questions for inquiry and sharing will be provided for deeper exploration.

Format of our gathering

  • Opening our circle: Brief grounding meditation to arrive more deeply in our body

  • Space for heart sharing & setting intentions for our journey

  • Guided energy healing journey

  • Heart-womb inquiry to receive personal guidance

  • Presenting the topics for the voluntary sister mirroring for the month

  • Closing our circle: Recap of our personal intentions for the coming month & giving gratitude for our sacred gathering

If this invitation resonates, please join us as we gather and open up to receive more of the gifts of the Mother.


October theme: Nourishment & Sacred Self-care

13th of October

11 AM Finland, Eastern European time (EET)


This is our first call together and it will be offered by donation.
You will receive a link to donate in your confirmation email.

Following gatherings will be 24€ each.

Would be a blessing to have your presence in our circle.

With love,
Tessa Sophia